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4th year students’ reviews of links and vodpod videos January 16, 2008

On the links for learning English list you can find one which says: listen to the text you’ve written. This is a program to “read” what you write; it could be very useful to learn English because, as you know, some words are difficult to pronounce if you haven’t heard them before. Unfortunately you have to pay for the program.

I have visited the first page, Learn English and win the blog competition. I think it is very interesting, and can help us to learn and communicate with other people.

On the other hand, I think it can be creative because you can put links and your own photographs. It’s like a web page.



I have visited It is a non-governmental and a non-profitable web page where you can see independent videos about hot and polemic topics from another point of view. Films are ordered by categories. I have seen “Dispatches: Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola”. This video shows why Coca Cola has been accused of environmental degradation and health abuse. I think this video is very interesting. The web page is very useful to learn English and to understand some social problems and human behaviours.

Gregorio González .


If you visit Greenpeace´s web page you could find a lot of information about climate change, whale hunting or nuclear energy, but what I have found most interesting and up-to-date is an article about the most popular consoles in the world: the PS3, the XBox and the Wii.

But, why is greenpeace worried about consoles?Maybe because they can’t do without the third screen and want a trick? No my dears, they are worried about them because they use a lot of toxic chemicals in electronics to build the consoles, and on the other hand we have the problem with the obsolete consoles that have not been recycled until now. So Greenpeace demand the console makers take back the old consoles and recycle them.

Greenpeace say that some PC makers have built their computers without toxic chemicals, and others are in the path. They remind us that we have the power to do so in our hands.

Sergio Sánchez


I think that reading English is very useful for the students like me. And if the information can give us healthy advice and help us to take action related to the environment and let us know how to participate in saving “the world worldwide in our little world”(acting glocal:global+local).. as a volunteer.. or other ideas.. I like to visit this type of webs.


To improve our listening in order to understand another language, we can watch films or have a conversation with other people who come from another country, not only in a academic place.. nowadays in many different places such as a pub.. during the week in the afternoon.. but more frequently we use our computer to find something on the internet, to buy something, to make a travel reservation, to receive any kind of information.. even to make friends.. so if you want to improve not only your reading, but also your listening , it is a good way to take the headphones (or not) and to repeat the virtual words of teacher is telling you in the other part of the computer.. 😉

Number 7


This morning I’ve been reading the Amnesty International webpage ( I’ve focused on the “News and Updates” topic. In this part the NGO shows different kinds of news and information, some about violations of human rights in different countries, others about achievements of “Amnesty International” campaigns and, finally, we can also find information and videos about their acts.

I’ ve read two articles related to Guantanamo Bay detention center: one of them is about the history of the prision and the other is a compilation of diferent actions to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the creation of that center. Also related with Guantanamo Bay topic I’ve seen a video about an speech in Washington;the speaker was talking about the illegal detentions….

Rafa Patiño Navarrete


This page is very interesting because of the amount of English information that is available. What I liked is the links that are posted in the page, which let you improve your English by yourself. They range from specific language information (grammar, speaking and listening tools) to current information from our world in English (access to organizations,English news and so on). I’ve seen in the webpage, further ” English information” such as crosswords inEnglish! I think this is a good way to improve your vocabulary (something that is difficult to have for learners ofEnglish). You are learning and playing at the same time; and I think the words from the crossword are from the same topic. From the bbc there are also other links to access which are interesting, such as one which is about memory and how to use it (useful for students that are now in our exams period!).

Neus Bernat Pérez


“Learning English with the BBC” is a very interesting link where you can learn English in a funny way. It’s not only a web site where you are supposed to learn new grammar and vocabulary by heart, because you can practise your English with different activities, like crosswords, listenings, quizzes or videos. In addition, I find very useful the topic of news. You will have the opportunity to read real news, whose most difficult words are explained. You can also download the grammar explanations or the transcriptions to improve your English. Another interesting thing is the pronunciation lessons. A teacher will help you with the pronunciation and will explain the different accents. In the Message Board, you are asked to share your opinions about the different sections, so you can also see what other students think.

The link of this web site is


I entered the BBC’s webpage looking for help with my English : no doubt I found numerous options: business language, grammar but the most helpful link I found was Stephen’s Keller column. It’s a shame he is not writing any more! He’s quite ironic, just the way I like. There are several references to his personal experiencies and by the end, there’s a list of words used in the column with their meanings for non English speakers. You can also find comments from people all around the world also written in English: they are not as interesting, but just as useful to learn English. For New Year´s Eve he proposed a virtual party, where every user would raise a glass of drink and send him a toast. The user would also receive , one by one, all his friend, depending on the time zones.. I wonder if that really happened…

The columns are easy-reading so I recommend them to every English-learner; in fact you can spend as long as you want trying to understand them, so take it calmly!

Marga Pascual


It ´s very common that, when you study English, you want to look for vocabulary, on- line dictionaries or grammar pages on the internet. If that is your situation, you can try the page

Here you´ll find a lot of information (of different levels: beginning, intermediate or advanced) about grammar constructions, phrasal verbs or specific vocabulary which would be very useful to improve your English. Furthermore, you´ll be able to listen to digital files (conversations in order to progress in your pronunciation or interesting documentaries)
On the other hand, another use of this page is the possibility of preparing your lessons in case you are a teacher. You´ll be able to organize your class plan/timetable of all the year with special interest in typical difficult points such as adverb clauses or expressions with like.
And finally, when you have used all this information, maybe you´l l be interested in the on-line tests. With them you´ll have a mark and you´ll be able to evaluate yourself
I think it´s a very useful page, so run and tell your friends!!!
(8-10 L/X)

I have visited  Greenpeace’s web and I have seen a video related to whales and Japanese hunting. Greenpeace has a ship called Esperanza.This ship follows the hunting ship night and day. In this way, they have protected the area, which is a whale sanctuary, because theJapanese ship cannot hunt if they are around. I think that Greenpeace is doing an excellent job trying to save whales. Now, they have a project called The Great Whale Trail. Greenpeace and scientists are collaborating to obtain information about feeding and migration of humpback whales. In contrast with the famous Japanese “scientific research” , this project is contributing to obtaining very interesting information without killing whales.

Gema Alama


In this site you can improve your listening comprehension. They give you the opportunity to choose between three different levels: starter, medium and advanced. For each level they propose several topics, and you only have to choose one.

Then, before listening to the audio you can do some warming up exercises to become familiar with the vocabulary of the text.

Finally, you can listen to the recording and do the comprehension exercises.


4 Responses to “4th year students’ reviews of links and vodpod videos”

  1. olsclass Says:

    I don’t havea lot of time, so I just would say that I agree with Marga Pascual.
    I know the page because one day I clicked on that link in Ana’s webpage.
    I am of the opinion that playing is the best way to learn. This is the strategy of a Company of toys and I find it very interesting.

    Frederic Aparisi Romero.

  2. olsclass Says:

    I agree with you Gregorio, after reading your comments I think these documentaries give one a wider idea and different opinions…

    Benito Campo

  3. olsclass Says:

    I ,too, visited the listening comprehension page and investigated it a lot, as the person after Gema Alama had done. Of course it is useful to train in listening, but here you can do a lot more. You have three different levels, you can read the transcriptions of the listening, there are vocabulary exercises and explanations…
    (to be continued…)
    Nadia Jakob

  4. olsclass Says:

    As I said Gregorio, “” is a site you can achieve wider and different ideas about what really happens in the world. Sometimes these comments can be not politically correct and surely will disturb mostly people but the web page is good to know opoints of view as you said, although overall you can discriminate wrong and false information and news and extend your knowledge about some current issues.
    Finally, it would be wonderful if people didn’t only get only one meaning about the important things are happening around them.
    Benito Campo

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