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This is a blog for my students at the Official Language School in Valencia









The object of this lesson is to participate in an English learning blog and then start your own.



Choose one of the links for learning English and check it out. Write a comment on the blog describing the site and how it can be used. If another student has already written something about it, show agreement or disagreement and add anything you like. (20minutes). Then watch the videos on the vodpod box on the side bar, at the top, and share your opinion about one of them. Do the same as before: comment on the video or give your classmates feedback . (20 minutes). PLEASE SIGN YOUR COMMENTS SO THAT EVERYBODY KNOWS WHO SAID WHAT.THANK YOU.



Would you like to share a link, a video, a picture, a slideshow or a text IN ENGLISH with your classmates ? Send it to and the teacher will find a place for it. (Homework)



Start your own blog. A few seconds will suffice. Add something once a week: it can be a summary of your week, a picture, a video, etc. Do not write more than 200 words a week (or 800 a month, if you prefer). Send the address to Read about the blog competition with guiding assistance from the BBC:



  1. olsclass Says:

    It´s a good blog to learn English because is very complete.
    Not only to study grammar or vocabulary, but you can also see interesting documentaries. I´ve visited “freedocumentaries”. In this link you can find a lot of videos of different matters (society, mass media, human rights, globalization….). The only problem is that you need a very good English to understand everything. However, you can always learn from it.

  2. olsclass Says:

    I have visited Greenpeace’s web page. I think that it is too difficult for me but at the same time it is useful for learning specific vocabulary.I have seen the video “Message in a bottle”. I think it is quite interesting because it shows that we need real action to stop climate change. Politicians are always talking, but…

  3. olsclass Says:

    I saw the link relative to human rigts.
    It is, in my opinion, a resumè of news
    mainly about events remarking celebrations
    in defence of human rigts, especially in England,
    a country concerned about. (About what?)

    I saw the video where the two dem precandidates are talking about health care in a TV interviw, but I can´t understand almost anything because of the bad quality of the video: you hear a few words, then silence, then words again, silence, and so on.

  4. olsclass Says:

    I ‘ve been visiting Greenpeace’s web. I think the vocabulary can be used to learn about the environment, but I don’t find it really useful to learn lot of English,especially for the exam!
    I’ve just seen Greenpeace’s video. I think it’s really original. . It’s about a bottle with a message in it, and it is passed all over the world, from one hand to onother. Raquel Acedo.

  5. olsclass Says:

    I have visited “” and I think that it’s a great site to do listenings. There are a lot of conversations to listen to (with three levels of difficulty) and later you can answer a test to check your level and spot your mistakes. Very useful to improve your listening!

  6. olsclass Says:

    In this page, on the right, you can find some videos.
    One of these, it´s “Pachel bel: a musician”. One boy sings a particular song, it´s a mixture of monologue and music. It´s fun.

  7. olsclass Says:

    If you want to improve your listening , this link is the best for you. You can hear the conversation you want and then write a small text about it. In this link you can choose the level that you desire and hear the conversation that you want too. It’s excelllent ! I recommend it to all the people who want to learn English or learn more of this language. Which of the links is this about?

    Sandra .

  8. olsclass Says:

    I have visited Greenpeace’s page, and I’ve seen an interesting video where a photographer talks about his pictures. I think it’s an interesting web with a lot of material about the environment, but to understand it all, you need a lot of specific vocabulary. In spite of this, I have understood the main idea easily because it’s a subject that I like.

  9. olsclass Says:

    I´ve been visiting the page of Greenpeace, especially the part related to being a volunteer or a cybervolunteer.., and how to contribute to making the world healthier, and how to take action against political or industrial decisions. I think that the level is medium and it could be useful to review and to learn more words and give us ideas and news.

  10. It is a wonderful video.

  11. Hellow Ana:
    I spent a good time watching those wonderful videos and I am learning a lot.
    I think that the video of Obama wants to give motivation to everybody and also to understand what is going to happen in the future with Obama, because the people are very happy with him.

  12. mpardo75 Says:

    In my opinion, this is a good idea ! I prefer following on your webblog but not creating another different. I had more blogs about different questions, but in I like improve my English open my mind on the internet.
    There´re a lot of web pages and with this blog and teacher´s wikispace, it´s possible!

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