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Does Putin own Trump? November 28, 2017

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Does Putin own Trump?


Whose fault is it?(text C) November 8, 2017

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There is an agonizing predictability to the mass shootings that regularly horrify the nation. The latest, in which 26 churchgoers(=people who go to church) were shot to death at Sunday worship(=activity at church) in Texas, offered all the most cruel and terrifying characteristics.

It was carried out by a disturbed individual with easy access to assault weapons adapted from military warfare and marketed in the spurious name of sportsmanship.

As is so often the case, the murderer had a history of domestic violence, having attacked his previous wife and child while in the Air Force, and is reported to have had a grievance(=problem) against his current in-laws. His mother-in-law was absent from her place in the congregation Sunday. The killer nevertheless(=however) took as many innocent lives as he could, spraying the congregation from quick-replacement 30-round rifle clips before the familiar ending came to his life in a chase.

Thus departed Devin Patrick Kelley, the latest mass shooter to crack the headlines, brandishing(=with) a rapid-fire weapon to break through his anonymity and ruin the lives and families of victims he did not know.

The ritual of mass shootings must include instant questions about the killer’s precise motive, as if his horrific deed can be truly fathomed(=imagined). The most pertinent answer to that question in Texas as elsewhere is the killer did it because he could — he could get the firepower, a viciously effective Ruger assault rifle, and register his grievance as something supreme in his mind by applying destructive force upon the innocent.

(Adapted from Thge New York Times)


A resident of Bermuda (text B)

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Out of sight, a powerful industry has been developing since the 1980s in tax havens across the globe. By following the money, we can start to grasp the costs that these territories impose on the economies of other countries.

The data that offshore centres publish is far from comprehensive(=complete), and our system for measuring household wealth and multinationals’ profits has many weaknesses. But it is improving, and by analysing the data carefully, we can detect consistent patterns and dissipate some of the secrecy that has for decades surrounded the activities of tax havens.

Let’s look first at tax avoidance by big multinationals. In principle, these companies are supposed to allocate profits across their various subsidiaries as if these offshoots(=sections) were independent entities, trading goods and services among themselves at the prevailing market prices. In practice, however, the prices of intragroup transactions are routinely manipulated by offshore accounting firms to make their global profits appear in low-tax jurisdictions. Moreover, a growing number of multinationals locate their algorithms, trademarks and logos in tax havens to strip earnings away(=steal) from countries, such as Britain, where they are generated.

A case in point (=example)– maybe the most spectacular– is Google Alphabet, Google’s parent company. In 2003, less than a year before its initial public offering in August 2004, Google US transferred its search and advertising technologies to “Google Holdings”, a subsidiary incorporated in Ireland, but which for Irish tax purposes is a resident of Bermuda.


The Catalonian crisis November 5, 2017

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The Catalonian crisis


About to go blind, the mother of a young child braces herself for a hard future October 24, 2017

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Emergency Instructions for magical wikispaces October 22, 2017

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Are you having trouble uploading your work? Have you followed these five magic steps?:

1-Have you received an invitation to wikispaces?

2-Have you clicked on the first link and created an account?

3-Have you used your account details (user and password) to enter <>?                                                                            4-Have you found <>?

(You have one link in the middle of the page and another in  “my wikis”/”mis wikis” menu; see top-right corner)
5-Have you written your first surname in the search box at the top and clicked on the link with your name?


If you have done all these magical things, you will be on your personal page, a page with your own name where you will be able to leave your work and check your progress this year. Just remember you have to click on “edit” (top right) before pasting your text and on “save” (top right) at the end. And, most important of all, apply a spellcheck to your document before copying and pasting it because they help you to learn better.





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