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TASK 1.Choose one of the following options and write 180-200 words.

Option A: Is tech rewiring our brains?

Examine the ways new technologies are affecting our minds. Consider

-memory and attention        -big data and social media

-multitasking and sleep        -new problems  and new skills

Option B: Valencia as a megacity.

A larger motorway in the north, the port expansion in the south and skyscrapers in Central Park, Benimaclet or La Marina will soon turn Valencia into a megacity for rich tourists. Do you like the idea? Consider

-Expensive flats and gentrification             -climate change

-pollution and health                                 -reduced farmland

Option C. A listicle for a happy life.

What are your golden rules for a good life? Write a listicle with your 3-6 best tips.

TASK 2 (120 words)

Write a review of a book or film that has particulary helped you to learn English. Do you think it may help other students too? In what ways?