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2B2 Unit 10 Interviews and DVD:Art and The People’s Palace May 4, 2019

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1- Speed is the man’s favourite film because

a)he loves the genre  b)of the actors in it  c)he shared it with his dad

2-Speed is

a)very violent and gory   b)neither violent nor gory  c)somewhat violent and gory

3-The film has

a)a good baddy and a bad goody b)a hero with no thumb  c)a bomb on a bus

4-Throughout the film you don’t know

a)if the bomb will explode  b)if the driver will accelerate  c)what will happen next

5-The wonman is not enthusiastic because Speed has no

a)good stunts  b)romance  c)humour


Number these phrases in the order you hear them:

Christ Church College

The Blue Note Jazz Club

The “Schools”

The Café Reggio

New College

Greenwich Village in general

The Bridge of Sighs

Washington Square Park

The Bodleian Library

The Oxford Colleges




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