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The chances are… April 15, 2019

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A:Do you think climate change might(1) destroy our civilization?
B:Yes, I think it may. It probably will. It’s likely(2).
A:But don’t you think scientific discoveries, I mean, the natural evolution of science and the progression of knowledge is due to(3) produce a solution?
B:Not necessarily. If we had infinite time and infinite resources,  we would be bound to(4) find a solution, but that is precisely the question.
A:So you think it will happen at some point?
B:I think it’s going to(5) happen soon. Look at the rise in our country’s temperatures, the dry rivers and the scarce rainfall. In fact, it is about to(6) happen. Look at the news broadcast. Isn’t that New York turning  into a rubble soup?
Throw the dice. Answer one of the questions in exercise 7A using the words in bold to indicate a slight chance(1), a probable outcome(2), an expected/scheduled event(3), a certainty(4), something happening soon(5) and something happening immediately(6).

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