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How do Big Data corporations interfere in election results? April 25, 2019

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Games Big Data corporations play


The chances are… April 15, 2019

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A:Do you think climate change might(1) destroy our civilization?
B:Yes, I think it may. It probably will. It’s likely(2).
A:But don’t you think scientific discoveries, I mean, the natural evolution of science and the progression of knowledge is due to(3) produce a solution?
B:Not necessarily. If we had infinite time and infinite resources,  we would be bound to(4) find a solution, but that is precisely the question.
A:So you think it will happen at some point?
B:I think it’s going to(5) happen soon. Look at the rise in our country’s temperatures, the dry rivers and the scarce rainfall. In fact, it is about to(6) happen. Look at the news broadcast. Isn’t that New York turning  into a rubble soup?
Throw the dice. Answer one of the questions in exercise 7A using the words in bold to indicate a slight chance(1), a probable outcome(2), an expected/scheduled event(3), a certainty(4), something happening soon(5) and something happening immediately(6).


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Watch the video and answer the questions:

1-The police entered the Ecuadoran embassy because Julian Assange has broken the…law

a)British  b)American  c)Swedish

2-His conviction and sentence relates to

a)bail rules  b)sexual assault  c)Wikileaks

3-For nearly seven years he has been indicted for

a)conspiracy with transgender Chelsea Mannings, already  pardoned by Obama

b)creating computer bugs

c)altering classified documents

4-Last summer Assange’s lawyer said in an interview that he is unhappy to face

a)British Justice  b)American Justice  c)Swedish Justice

5-When Ecuadoran President Moreno won the 2017 elections,he issued new rules

a) to restrict Assange’s use of the internet

b) to protect the privacy of his bank account

c)to protect confidential Vatican documents

6-If Assange had been charged with espionage

a)he would be on death row

b)his lawyer would have used the first amendment as a defence

c)he would have not been in danger of getting extradited

7-Julian’s lawyer wonders if the British Government is complicit in

  1. a) the detention b)condemning a publisher c)the conspiracy

8-Trump said he loved Wikileaks because

a)Hillary Clintons’ emails were exposed

b)The Russian government helped him through them

c)National security was not being compromised

9-Demanding extradition on a minor charge may mean the US government has

a)a positive attitude  b)a cunning trick  c)avoided the first amendment




Big Data April 10, 2019

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Defining and non-defining relative clauses April 8, 2019

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There were ten flowers. The flowers which were red were beautiful (There were less that ten red flowers)
There were ten flowers. The flowers, which were red, were beautiful (There were ten red flowers)
The room was full of furniture.
The antiques, which belonged to my gran, were collected by my cousins (all the antiques belonged to him)
The antiques which belonged to my gran were collected by my cousins (not all the antiques belonged to him)
I have three cats. The oldest one, which is white, is the sweetest. The younger two, which are twins, look like little black panthers. It is not hard to tell them apart: Winnie is the cat which usually starts the fights  and Nelson is the peaceful one which likes to be stroked under the chin. Naomi, which is my favourite, is the only one which greets me when I arrive home from work.

She wrote the poem…was brilliant


He swept the floor…was clean

We saw an aeroplane…landed safely

He met a mysterious woman…my aunt


The poem was short…won the competition

The floor was dirty…looked terrible

The aeroplane cashed…was empty

A mysterious woman visited her…was my aunt


1B2 Unit 7 Writing Key

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1B1 Writing Key unit 7


2B2 Listening test practice April 1, 2019

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For free online 2B2 listening test practice click here

Please notice that Official Language School tests do not have gap filling questions (part two). They have True/False questions instead. The other two are the same: multiple choice and multiple matching.