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1B1 WRITING TEST. MODEL A (8 am) May 10, 2018

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QUESTION 1 (120 words)

Option A 

Write about your ecological footprint. How many planets would we need if everyone lived like you? How can you make it better? Consider shopping and energy. What can other people do? What about the government and big companies?

Option B

Write an entry about your education for <wikispaces/> Did they teach you good manners and values? How much physical exercise did you do? Was it fun? Did they wake up the artist in you? Should schools teach religion or philosophy? Foreign or local languages?

QUESTION 2 (80 words)

Write an email to your best friend answering his/her questions:

Dear Sam,

Right now I’m really busy with my final exams and I have no idea what films people are watching, but I’d love to find something good to enjoy when I finish. I don’t mind if it is a tv series, a film at the cinema or whatever. Please tell me about something great you’ve seen lately. What genre is it? Is it a good story? Tell me about it but don’t spoil the end for me, please!




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