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Task 1 (60 points)

Choose ONE  of the following options (A or B) and write 120-150 words.

A  What would you do if you had to start a new community? Where would it be?Would it be large or small? What laws would there be? What type of government would the community have? What special customs would there be? Write a project of an ideal community for a film producer who needs ideas for a new series/reality show/documentary.

B  You are 60 years old and you decide to write a letter or email to your grandchild who is 18. Explain the things you used to do and also the things you should not have done. Tell him or her what would have happened if things had been different. Give your grandchild advice based on your experience.


Task 2 (40 points)

Your friend Sue wants to know what you do to reduce your ecological footprint. Read her letter and answer her questions using 80-100 words:

Hi Mel,

How are things?  Right now I’m on the Rainbow Warrior making videos of whale hunters. I was out of prison a few months ago thanks to the thousands of letters people sent to Putin from all over the world saying “Free the activists. Save the North Pole”. What about you? Are you shopping less? driving less? Is there a market with local organic products in your new town? Are you signing the petitions I send you?;)




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