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Task 1 (60 points)

Choose ONE  of the following options (A or B) and write 120-150 words.

A  The local newspaper has asked its readers to send in articles about their city’s ecological footprint. You’ve decided to take part. Include the following:

-transport and energy

-food and water

-shopping and recycling


B  Think of an important invention or historical event. What would have happened if it hadn’t taken place? Consider the causes and consequences as well as people’s ideas at that time. Write a wiki entry for http://www.wikispaces/


Task 2 (40 points)

Your friend Sue wants to know what you use the internet for. Read her letter and answer her questions using 80-100 words:

Hi Mel,

How are things? I’m fine but as you know, I’m a bit of a technophobe. I feel I’m missing a lot of what’s going on so I’ve decided to change. I’d like you to help me.  What do you use the internet for? What do you do for fun? What is practical? Are there interesting websites to learn things from?

Thanks buddy,



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