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Today´s articles and more April 10, 2017

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The new generations are more old-fashioned

Relax to be more productive



Instructions for playing Tact

Students with “go-between” cards should read their role descriptions, listen to students A and B and  get ready to improvise ideas using  “supposing”, “assuming”, “provided/ing, “on condition that” and “in case of”.

Students with A/B cards should read their role descriptions and prepare sentences using “Bur for…, I´d have+past participle”,”Had they+past participle”, “Were they to+ infinitive” and  “Should they+ infinitive”.

The Great Education Debate

1-The school curriculum

a)Physical and mental health should be a theoretical and practical cross-curricular concern: students should understand themselves, develop empathy,  learn scientific awareness of their body changes and needs, fewer sit-down hours, and so on.

b)Students should learn democratic values to understand the value of equality, diversity, participation, accountability, transparency and suchlike.

2-The goal of education is the development of …

a)independent, critical thinkers.

b)conforming, law-abiding citizens.

3-Tuition fees should be

a)symbolic because free education is a guarantee of equality of opportunities.

b)restricted to private schools since subsidised schools defeat the purpose of universal, unsegregated education.

4-Access to higher education

a)All students deserve self-esteem and a decent life. An emphasis on excellence enhances selfish individualism, alienates the majority and makes  high achievers the target of bullying.

b)Rather than selecting, schools should be there to protect and guide the young to bring out the best in them, whether they get to uni or not.


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