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B1 ORAL TEST March 28, 2017

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Monologue:throw a dice and toss a coin.If you get heads, add 1 to the number you get after throwing the dice and prepare the monologue at the end of the corresponding number unit.

Conversation: 1-You are journalists preparing a documentary about the most important inventions of the last 100 years. Make a list of 3-10 together and discuss what you can say about them in your programme.(p57,ex7)

2-Imagine you have to do ex 10  on p 58. Discuss the ideas you could include in the essays of each topic.

3-Student A  has a broken phone/computer/bike and  wants to ask student B, the technician to repair it.Student C tries to help A asking about it and trying to fix it but student B contradicts the explanation and offers a new solution. Student A expresses her/his feelings at the end.

4-Question 2A,page 68

5-Question 8A,page 70

6-Question 8A,p72

7-Student A has a dilemma, student B is the psychologist who offers advice and student C is the boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, who disagrees with the psychologist. Change roles for each new dilemma.DILEMMAS:accepting a job abroad or continuing to look for one here; studying a degree you really love or a useful one you don´t like; spending all your spendings on the holiday you´ve always wanted or saving them and feeling miserable;organising a big party for your friends or doing the work you are always postponing.

8-Question 1B,p74

9-You are friends who haven´t met for a few months.You go out for a drink and catch up with all the common friends´news. Explain what they are doing/has happened to them, both good and bad.

10-ex 1c on p78 (improvise instead of writing).

11-Take turns to think of a successful person and answer yes/no question until the character is guessed.

12-Question 5 on p 81

13-Take turns to interview candidates for a job in your imaginary business. Ask about abilities and qualifications.

14-Take turns to narrate a memory which can be partially or totally true or false. Answer questions until the truth is discovered.

15-Exercise 7B on p87

16-ex 1, p88

17-ex 4,p88


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