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Intermediate Conversation Lesson December 21, 2016

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Questions about books

STORYTELLING ACTIVITY ONE:Tell your groups about a recent book you have read. Stop every now and then and ask them:”Can you guess what happened next?”Wait for them to guess before you continue the story.

STORYTELLING ACTIVITY TWO: If you could change the end of the book, or one of the characters, or another thing, what would it be?How would you change it?

STORYTELLING ACTIVITY THREE: Think of a book you have read or a story you have heard which could make a good film. Tell your group. Choose the best one and decide what music, actors and other details you would choose for the film.

Think about a famous book or film you have read/seen and mime the story for the group to guess.

Play story dominoes(see copies).

USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES:characters, plot, narrator,the book deals with/is about (not speXaks/talXks), the book tells the story of a(n)… who/which… (3rd person sg), the story is set in + place/time, the book shows us who/how/where…







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