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B1Unit 4 questionnaire December 20, 2016

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Ask your partner the questions of the quiz “Have you got what it takes to be a millionaire?” on page 46 of your textbook.


Use this instead of the questionnaire in the book:


1-When you are with your family or your friends, do you…?

a)enjoy being one of the group

b)want to be the best

c)prefer not to be especially noticed

2- When you are with your neighbours or your workmates , do you…?

a)enjoy being in charge and telling people what to do

b)follow what other people do or say

c)tend to participate and contribute as an equal partner

3-Do you find helping charities/NGOs with your money or your time…?

a)a waste of time

b)a fulfilling activity

c)something you have never considered

4-Is marching or signing petitions for pressure groups/political parties is, in your opinion,…

a)utopian b)a nuisance  c)sometimes necessary

5-When the government/IMF increase inequality with their policies, do you…?

a)hope it doesn´t affect you

b)hope it doesn´t affect you, your family and friends

c)fight in some way

6-Do you believe that films/books/music and other cultural artifacts should…?

a)describe the increasing poverty of our times but without showing causes and solutions

b)be unrelated to the social and political situation

c)inspire political change

7-When you consume fashion/food/travel, do you…?

a)look for organic, fair trade and environment-friendly products

b)choose the cheapest even if it comes from child slaves and savage exploitation

c)think about taste and personal preference ignoring carbon costs and human suffering

8-If someone asked you about your ideals, would you prioritise…?

a)beauty, comfort and status

b)health, wealth and wisdom

c)justice and equality

Your score as an egalitarian:

EGALITARIAN:1a,2c,3b,4c,5c,6c,7a and 8c. Another, better, world is possible if more people start thinking and acting like you.

CAPITALIST: 1b,2a,3a,5a,6b,7c and 8a. You inhabit a perfect world, at least while you are young, healthy and financially OK.

HALFWAY HOUSE:If you have 4 or more “egalitarian” answers, you are aware that there is some work to do.


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