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C2 INVERSION December 12, 2016

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How can you change the word order of these sentenc

es to make them more emphatic?

1-As soon as she tells you who you are, she blows up.

2-She knew little.

3-He cannot only sing but he also writes and he dances.

Now watch the video to check your answers. Below is the full script, which you can read afterwards.


(Ben Linus: Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

Jack Shephard: What’s that?)

Ben Linus: Ilana. There she was: hand-picked by Jacob, trained to come and protect you candidates. No sooner does she tell you who you are, than she blows up.( The island was done with her. Makes me wonder what’s gonna happen, when it’s done with us.)


Yeah, it’s just so strange. I mean, she probably woke up today and thought, “Ok, I’ll have some breakfast, and then I’ll take a little walk, and then I’ll have my massage.” Little did she know God was thinking, “Ok, but that’s it.”

Added: August 09, 2010



“An incredible song writer. He´s written two huge songs.Not only can he sing, but he writes and he dances and I´m so proud of him. He has four days to get  this together and you just killed it. ..Oh yeah!


Now read  the section on inversion on page 149 of your textbook and add the following categories:

A)Conditionals (formal and generally written)

Should you deem it appropriate, delete the offending words.

Were she to give a signal, follow her.

Had I known this was the answer, I would have told him.

B)Questions,question tags, agreement and similar(grammar obliges)

“Do you speak English?”, “You came to join us, didn´t you?”, “So do I”, “Nor has he”,”Neither can we” and “As does Damian” or “as are all the rest”.

C)Fronting,narrative tags and some  expressions (stylistic or idiomatic)

“Here comes the sun”,”said the stranger”,”Man, did it hurt!”, “Boy, was she mad at me!”,”Come rain or shine”.

After doing exercise 4 on p 150 and the first exercise on the corresponding post (see search box), create a dialogue with 2-4 examples of inversion from p149 and A/B/C depending on your group.

Exercise 4-Key

1-Not only was the food cold, but it was also burnt.

2-Such was the force of the blast that the windows in buildings three streets away were shattered.

3-Only by speaking to himself as he walked, did he manage to stay awake.

4-Hardly had he opened his mouth to speak when she interrupted.

5-No sooner had she finished speaking than the room erupted into loud applause.

6-Only when he had opened the parcel, did he realize his mistake.

7-So poisonous was the snake’s venom that just a small bite could have been fatal.

8-Only in moments of deep frustration had he thought of giving up.




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