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C2-FEAR AND HOPE November 2, 2016

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Look at the following ideas for expanding your comfort zone:

  1. Eat something different – unusual or totally new.
  2. Engage in a new activity  which you have never attended in the past.
  3. Unplug your television,PC, tablet/I-pad and video games for three straight days.
  4. Start a group or association, or join one, during the next seven days.
  5. Apologize to someone you have done wrong (and admit you were wrong), either in person or by letter.
  6. Get to sleep one hour earlier for four nights straight, and at the same time each night.
  7. Perform a “random act of kindness” at least once each day for three days .  See  Get intentionally lost and try to find your way back using maps(if digitally native)or sar nav/googlemaps (if digital immigrant)
  8. More ideas at

Take turns to persuade each other to follow a suggestion. Read the links and use  a couple of useful expressions or ideas

IN FAVOUR OF EXPANDING YOUR COMFORT ZONE: You think that life starts where your comfort zone ends. Ask your partner which of the ideas above repels them the most and persuade them to do it. Some related expressions and sayings:


Resist your partner´s attempt to persuade you. Always think of the worst case scenario first . Your motto is Better safe than sorry.


Compare the following lists of headlines and discuss the effect of fearmongering and  respectful communication.


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