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Kermit on Creativity October 10, 2016

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1- The expression “give or take” is

a)humbling because science makes modest claims about certainty

b)humorous because it contrasts with the seriousness of science

c)strange because schools in US teach creationism

2-How many times do they quote Casablanca?

a)once  b)twice  c)”thrice”

3-The first joke the audience understands is about

a)roots  b)tales  c)sex

4-Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, said making a little difference in this world is possible if

a)we improve it before dying  a)we suspend disbelief  c)there´s a conspiracy of craziness

5-Carving the marble until you set an angel free is

a)a corporate mission statement  b)self-deceptive  c)an example of ridiculous optimism

6-Kermit´s long slurp  after explaining the mother-necessity, father-creativity equation is

a)ironic  b)sarcastic  c)irreverent

7-Your inner child will always be with you because

a)you´ll never reach perfection

b)childhood can be recaptured at will

c)we don´t stop including as we transcend

8-Collective/cooperative  intelligence is the result of

a)thinking outside the box

b)becoming the best version of ourselves

c)deeper and deeper layers of consciousness

9- Kermit´s sexy jokes include

a)private notes to Fozzie Bear

b)dates with sows

c)Lew Zealand lookalikes

10-It is important to listen to

a)the two Kens

b)Milli Vanilli

c)Alfred North Whitehead

Erroneous transcriptions and difficult words: Kermit (not come it),shoushin(Zen´s beginner´s mind),appalled(not” a pole”),make payroll(not “meet” payroll).


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