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Things that need to change May 6, 2016

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Electoral Reform Society

Dear All,

Do you remember this time last year?

It was the most disproportionate general election result in history – the seats in Parliament simply didn’t match the votes cast.

Yesterday we went to the polls again – and most people were able to vote in an election where their opinion actually counted towards the result. In Scotland, Wales and London, fairer voting systems were in use.

But that’s not the whole story. In local elections across England, people were still asked to vote under a broken system that doesn’t fairly represent their views. And look what happened:

In Castle Point, the Tories got just 37% of the vote yet won a full 62% of the seats. And UKIP didn’t get any seats for their 31% of the vote.

In Oldham, Labour’s 49% of the vote turned into a whopping 75% of the seats.

And in Portsmouth, the Lib Dems got 2% more votes than the Tories but twice as many seats.

Just like last year’s general election, seats simply didn’t match votes. We think it’s a travesty of democracy that First Past the Post is still in use, which is why we are continuing to fight for a fairer voting system at both the Westminster and local level.

But we need your help. Will you spread the word about our work?


Join our ‘friends for fairer votes’ campaign today!

In a modern democracy, people want their voices to be heard. That’s what we’re fighting for – but we need to spread our message far and wide.


Will you commit to telling your friends about us?

Because together, we can build a better democracy.

Best wishes,
Katie Ghose
Electoral Reform Society


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