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Do criminals learn from harsher punishment? April 13, 2016

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                                                MICHAEL MOORE VISITS NORWAY
1-Moore laughs at the journalists because, ”Sicko” attacks the myth that…

a-If you have good public health care, private health companies won´t get rich.

b-Universal health care is utopian.

c-Public health care is cheaper and more fair than a private service.

2- In the documentary, Norway has

a-a whole year of maternity leave

b-the largest ratio of women in government.

c-the best armed police.

3-The sentence “The Norwegians only drink because they want to save the planet”

a-is a joke without any meaning.

b-means that they use toilet waste to fuel their heating.

c-means that they are very liberal.

4-The government´s petrol money is for

a-business b-the environment c-the study of philosophy.


5-The island is the best thing because it´s

a-a model of sustainable ecology

b-a great weekend destination

c-shared by families and criminals like rapists, murderers and child molesters.

6-To show that they are equal human beings

a-the prison guard and the prisoners pick potatoes together.

b- the prisoners are allowed to take the ferry out of the island.

c-the prisoners can have a job.

7- Rehabilitation is explained in the case of the inmate who:

a-used to work 20 hours a day.

b-says he would not take the ferry to escape from the island.

c-cut two people up with a chainsaw.

8-The idea of rehabilitating prisoners sending them to dinner parties is … because it works.

a-crazy  b-literal c-ironic



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