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Are you going to celebrate Women´s Day 8/3/2015 ? March 4, 2015

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2 Responses to “Are you going to celebrate Women´s Day 8/3/2015 ?”

  1. In my opinion, women’s day is not necessary nowadays. But, at the same time, we have to change some things.

    Although this day was born to reclaim a social change, it appeared on 1911 such as woman worker day. Nowadays, women and men are able to work in a lot of jobs. However, there are jobs that are related with the genus. Works connected with home are done by women. At the same time, jobs related with a physical effort are done by men.

    Despite of be in a period of crisis, this tendency continuous today and, furthermore, it is more exploit; people work a lot of hours and earn not much money. On the one hand, this fact is similar between women and men salaries. On the other hand, it is different if we speak about salaries’ business. Women, that are more qualified in a lot of cases, could earn 20% less than men. So that, there is not equality between employers.

    From my point of view, I think that it is possible change social traditions that prevent have equality. It is very important that society become aware about the influence that it has on children. Despite the work that teachers do in schools about gender equality, level playing field, etc, these knowledge are not possible to make really.
    And society is more important than we suppose. Every day in anywhere, people do actions that mean chauvinism.

    For example, when I take a train I have to close my legs and let space to the man who is sit down in front of me, because his legs are opened and he is a stranger. It happens with a lot of comments (mainly with social expressions like in Spanish; “es la polla = so funny” or “es un coñazo = it’s boring”), clichés (blue colour is for boys, but my favourite colour is blue) or when boys and girls are smalls, so people said that “boys can’t cry” and “girls are to be pretty and delicate”. So that, I think that we have to promote a change in social thinking.

  2. susanagarh Says:

    It seems all we agree with the idea that we still have things to do to make this world more equally. We could change some conduct which seems natural, but they are sexists. Such us…
    When the changing table is in the female toilet, not in the male one.
    When the waiter gives the bill to the man to pay.
    When a man is more valued than a woman the same conditions at work with
    Every day we can see it.

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