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Writing Test 1B1 February 10, 2015

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Model A ( 8 am lesson)

Choose one option and write about 100 words. Remember to proofread your first draft : improve your text avoiding repetition, splice commas and your most typical mistakes.

A)Imagine there is a new government and they start creating lots of employment, especially in health, education and the protection of the environment. Write an email about your work experience and qualifications for a magazine called Lift the Left. Explain that your CV is perfect for one of their jobs in the new world that is beginning.

B)A free time website called Leisure has a problem page where people write asking for advice. Answer the following reader who needs help. Remember “should” is better than “must”.


I am new in your city and I am very bored. I´d like to watch good films, listen to good music and find out about the art and culture of your city, not just the festivities and the typical tourist stuff. Can you help me, please?”


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