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Pre-intermediate Students-Unit 6 Podcast December 15, 2014

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1-Watch it once without the script and then:

2-Click on the title at the top to get to the youtube page.

3-Find the 3 symbols below the screen.

4-Choose the suspension points (…).

5-Click on show transcription.

6-Watch it again with the script underneath as many times as you wish.


6 Responses to “Pre-intermediate Students-Unit 6 Podcast”

  1. mpardo75 Says:

    In my opinion every time there are more and more people that do exercice for to get fit because taking regulary exercice will help themselves.

    Italian people say: “Mens sana in corpore sano”; and I think it´s true. We can eating more nutriotiously means in our eating habits.

    • Good. Look at the following language points:”to get”,without “for”, “exercise will help them”, not “-selves”,”we can eat” without “-ing”. It is not a bad idea to apply a word processor’s spellcheck to your text before uploading a comment. Sometimes we write in a hurry and “haste makes waste”.

  2. amparogo Says:

    I think that sport is very important to be fit but there are many things that you can do to do sport. You can walk to go to all places or dance at weekend. Be active is important to the mind too. When you do exercise you are happy and you see the world of other way.

  3. I think that now people are doing a lot of sport. Many years ago people didn’t do sports and when one person did it, people said he was crazy.
    There’s also an interest by the food. People eat healthiest than when I was young. In fact there are a lot of gyms, and if you go out you can look people runing and doing exercise, especially if tou go to the river. I like it, because a like doing sports, but I also like eating bad foots, so I do fifty fifty.

    • Very good. Thank you for your contribution. I agree with you: there is a greater awareness today. I’d say most people’s balance is nearer 20/80 in rich countries, and possible the opposite in the the developing world. Notice the following language points:”interest in food”, “eat more healthily than” and “see people running”. If you read your comment again, you will realise there are some misspellings.It is natural to make mistakes when you write fast. Now is the time to read and reflect on those little slips.

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