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Who is kidnappinging Europe?Meet anti-troika champion from Greek Siriza in a five-candidate debate. May 15, 2014

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As is usually the case, rarely does one hear critical voices that expose the undemocratic work of the European institutions and yet, believe it or not, tonight is the live debate of the five candidates to the presidency of the European Commission, the real power deciding the cutbacks behind the curtain. A power that may take a 180-degree turn if abstention is replaced with alternative votes of antineoliberal parties such as Tsipras´,that is, GUE/NGL, the New Left party or Party of the Nordic Left. 

Remember the propaganda against Greece? Remember how popular Siriza became  leading the anti-troika movement? It could have been in government but it refused to make a pact with the neoliberal forces. Siriza is part and parcel of the New Left movement whose objective is to stop the cuts, the austerity lies, the unemployment…and all the things that Greeks and Spaniards know so much about.

Will the neoliberal voices(European Popular Party, Socialdemocratic-socialist party and  Liberal Democrats) drown the voices of the young Green and New Left parties?


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