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PET practice tests May 15, 2014

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This post has the mock exam key, the questions and a description for the students who could not do it in class.
Listening 1
1A 2B 3C 4C 5B (6C)
Listening 2
1-18 July 2-Three Tree 3-future 4-Fast Driver 5-(toy) bear 6-30 pounds
Listening 3
1E 2C 3B 4A
Reading 1 (Recommended New Books)
6E 7D
Reading 2 (Exploring the Arctic)
(11T 12F 13T 14F 15F)
(1-willing 2-set off (or get away) 3-voyage 4-facility 5-deck
Reading 3 (Ainsley Harriott)
21A 22D
Reading 4 (Deep Sleep)
26C 27A 28B 30D
Links of listenings 1 and 2 plus two more practice questions and a website with tons of multiple choice listening activities:


Listening Comprehension 1

Listening Comprehension 2

Reading Comprehension, PET (page 3)

Listening 3
Listening 4


More practice at

For Monday students, the reading test is included in the link with a complete PET test(see PET TEST, full test). The first reading is excluded. The reading about the Arctic has the following question: Find a word in the text that means 1-happy/with a good disposition, 2-leave/depart,3-sea journey, 4-service and 5-uncovered part of the ship. Apart from listenngs 1 and 2 (or 3 and 4) there is another listening question of multiple matching(which speaker says what), but I cannot upload that one).


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