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C2 Writing Workshop- Proofreading May 12, 2014

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Proofreading (time your proofreading)

a-General appearance: margins, top and bottom space, paragraph separation and tidy handwriting.

b-Task completion: Have I answered all the questions that are being asked? Have I done so in the right proportion? Are register and style the required ones and consistently so?

c-Structure/Discourse: Are my introduction, development and conclusion clearly separated and coherently connected? Is there a logical transition between thesis statement and supporting evidence inside the paragraphs?

d-Language: Have you used inversion (had they realised, they would have behaved differently), cleft sentences(it is the minority that choses the rules), non-finite clauses(all other things being equal) or other subordinate clauses with appropriate linkers and punctuation? Kill repetition: find better expressions, improve your style with more sophisticated vocabulary (but don´t go over the top).

e-Check the time before you copy your improved draft in the place allocated.


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