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Education and its discontents April 2, 2014

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Some people say education laws are to blame for the poor standards. Others say that the “cold civil war” continues with each majority party ruining the work initiated by its predecessor in power. However, a comparison with other countries may provide some clues as to what is going on here. Please read the texts and,


After spotting 3 grammar mistakes and 2 content inaccuracies, write a comment about the following article, explaining whether this applies to Spain and, if so, to what extent. Refer to the man who exposed the miracle mongers in India(text one). You can also write about other hidden agendas (sexist, ageist, ableist…) that work at more subtle levels even when there is a politically correct lip service. Budgeting, privatisation and the impact of the media on the development of young minds.


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