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The Three Little Pigs February 25, 2014

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THE THREE LITTLE PIGS, a poem by Roald Dahl

Part One-Vocabulary work
Find 3 words that refer to ways of walking, 2 near synonyms, 2 expressions with very similar meaning, 2 words related to the concept of shining and a suffix that means approximately.

dig=like(not Gen.Eng.)
stroll = walk with no hurry
lick = touch with tongue
have had your chips= be finished
(not)by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin=never
(chin=pointed end of one´s face)
(not Gen.Eng.)(origin unknown)
huff=blow hard
puff=blow noisily
pray=talk to God
a trifle + adj =a little + adj
twig=little branch
squeal=scream in horror
not on your nelly=never(origin unknow)
indulge=have pleasure
creep=move silently
dead of night=middle of the night
ablaze=shining fiercely
stride=walk in long steps
knickers=female underwear
up my street=my speciality
wander=walk a long way
yellowish=+/- yellow
drip=fall in drops
peep=watch secretely
the upper crust=aristocracy
(See key at the bottom)

Part two-The text
Please click on this link:

Pârt three- The video:

Key:1-stride, wander and stroll,2-bloat and bulge,3-not on my nelly and not by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin,4-ablaze and flicker and 5-ish.


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