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Part One- Vocabulary

A) Match the following public services with the basic rights they protect



1-Schools- b)education
2-Hospitals- d)health
3-Pensions- c)dignity
4-Unempoyment benefit-g)labour
5-Political parties-a)opinion
6-Housing- f)shelter
7-Protection of immigrants and victims of abuse- e)life


B) What do these acronyms stand for?

IMF International Monetary Fund
WB World Bank
WTO World Trade Organisation
ECB European Central Bank

C) Match adjective with noun to make collocations




1-inalienable c)rights
3-neoliberal b)agenda


C) Which of the following has contributed to protect public services and its related human rights?Write a tick or cross.

IMF_x_ WB_x_ WTO_x_ ECB_x_ The European Commission_x_ The welfare state_v_ Corporations_x_ Milton Friedman_x_ The Chicago boys_x_ the neoliberal agenda _x_ Pinochet´s coup _x_ Thatcher_x_ Reagan_ x_post world war II governments_v_

D) Match the target of the mud-slinging (vilification) campaigns in the media with the institutions under attack:



1-civil servants-c)Free health care or education
2-trade unionists-a)Decent employment
3-politicians – b)Democratic institutions


Part two- Reading Comprehension

Please read the following options, try to predict the correct answer and then read the article below and choose the one that reflects what the text says:

1-The so-called Wert Law is
b)the cause of a week-long strike.

2-Teachers and university lecturers will be
a)leaving their teaching kit behind.

3-The government shows contempt for most Spaniards because
c)two years of good marks will be cancelled by one unlucky exam day.

4-A lot of young people will have to stop studying because
c)of the drastic reduction of welfare benefits in general and educational ones in particular.

5-The Franco-like repression described consists in
a)imposing exams on strike days.

6-According to the student union (SE) the new education law
b)is reminiscent of the dictatorship


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