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NI1 Homework for Tuesday-Thursday students October 25, 2013

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Part One- Vocabulary


A) Match the following public services with the basic rights they protect

4-Unempoyment benefit
5-Political parties
7-Protection of immigrants and victims of abuse


B) What do these acronyms stand for?


C) Match adjective with noun to make collocations



C) Which of the following has contributed to protect public services and its related human rights?Write a tick or cross.

IMF_ WB_ WTO_ ECB_ The European Commission_ The welfare state_ Corporations_ Milton Friedman_ The Chicago boys_ the neoliberal agenda _ Pinochet´s coup _ Thatcher_ Reagan_ post world war II governments_

D) Match the target of the mud-slinging (vilification) campaigns in the media with the institutions under attack:

1-civil servants
2-trade unionists
3-politicians (not government)
a)Decent employment
b)Democratic institutions
c)Free health care or education


Part two- Reading Comprehension


Please read the following options, try to predict the correct answer and then read the article below and choose the one that reflects what the text says:

1-The so-called Wert Law is
a)popular across the country.
b)the cause of a week-long strike.
c)a plan of massive grants for university students.

2-Teachers and university lecturers will be
a)leaving their teaching kit behind.
b)hanging out in the street.
c)more necessary than ever.

3-The government shows contempt for most Spaniards because
a)the person organising university courses will go hiking.
b)rich students who get a 5 will not be able to continue their studies.
c)two years of good marks will be cancelled by one unlucky exam day.

4-A lot of young people will have to stop studying because
a)vocational courses will cost 400 euros.
b)of the cutbacks in healthcare and pensions.
c)of the drastic reduction of welfare benefits in general and educational ones in particular.

5-The Franco-like repression described consists in
a)imposing exams on strike days.
b)banning all trade union meetings.
c)forcing under eighteens to join the strike.

6-According to the student union (SE) the new education law
a)is a defence of privatisation
b)is reminiscent of the dictatorship
c)should be improved

  Spain’s schools on strike over education reform
thinkSPAIN, Monday, October 21, 2013
external image new-ReduceImgWidth.asp?foto=foto23434.jpg&width=250SCHOOL is (probably) out for kids across the country for most of this week as a national strike takes place in protest over the so-called ‘Wert Law’, an unpopular education reform which includes massive grant cuts for university students.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (October 22, 23 and 24) will see teachers and university lecturers downing tools and taking to the streets in a countrywide demonstration that the National Students’ Union (SE) says is ‘more necessary than ever’.
Parents should check with their children’s schools in advance as to whether classes will be going ahead.
Some of the most unpopular parts of the education reform – which the SE says ‘shows the government’s pure contempt for the majority of the people in Spain’ – include massive hikes in university course fees, grants covering all or part of these only awarded to students who attain 55 per cent in their college entrance exams, even though the pass mark remains at 50 per cent, and cost-of-living grants denied to anyone who achieves less than the equivalent of a grade C or 65 per cent in an qualification which is judged purely on the final exam on one day – a day that could scupper a young person’s university career for life if they are feeling under the weather or stressed, even where they have always achieved top marks throughout their two years in sixth form.
And course fees of 400 euros for studying FP courses – Spain’s answer to a BTEC – in Madrid or Catalunya mean thousands of youngsters have already dropped out because they cannot afford to continue with these valuable vocational qualifications.
The SE says the PP government is ‘launching a brutal offensive on quality of life for the majority of society’ in its cutbacks and restrictions in terms of healthcare, pensions, carers’ benefits and other welfare, and in particular education.
Some 100,000 students a year will have to forget about their dream of going to college, says the SE.
It adds that the government is attempting a ‘Franco-style repression’ to try to stop schools from holding demonstrations.
They have arranged exam days when they know strikes are due to go ahead, ban the holding of assemblies of unions and teachers where they know strikes will be discussed, and try to claim it is against the law for the under-18s to strike, says the SE’s secretary-general.
The education form is ‘an attack on the State school system’, is ‘based on nostalgia for Franco’s times’ and should not be amended, but scrapped altogether, the union continues.

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