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ROLE PLAY: Read your role description and do a bit of youtube and google search on the subject before talking to the students in your group.


Your name is Sam. You are woried about the following problems:your sister keeps washing her hands every half-hour.She cannot stop herself. Your nephew dances in discos all night and seems to have forgotten he is a law student. You don´t get any sleep at night and there is nothing physically wrong with you apart from the consequences of your sleeplessness. Ask your friends for suggestions. Insist on finding solutions.


Your name is Chris. You are hopeful about the potential of psychology. You admire Freud for his discovery of the effect of the subconscius on people´s lives and the possibility to rectify life-long trauma with psychoanalisis. You also believe that a lot of modern methods can help patients to heal and be happy again.You think Sam and the others should see a specialist who can deal with the problem with the right type of therapy.


Your name is Lesley. You are skeptical aout psychologists and psychiatrists.You feel that raising children with sticks and carrots makes them opportunistic, and behaviourist tactics do not contribute to building a moral conscience. You are also repelled by other instances of psychological manipulation like shock treatment, merchandising or tests to select people at the workplace.You distrust shrinks so your advice is to avoid them like the plague.


Your name is Toni. You are a fan of self-help books. You believe people should make intelligent choices rather than rely on gurus, prophets or counsellors. However, you love psychology. You are keen on developing emotional intelligence and using socratic methods to understand the turmoils of the self. When asked for advice, recommend titles that sound good like “How to…”, “The way to happy…” or “Overcoming your…”


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