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CONVERSATION LESSON 18/2/13 February 19, 2013

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1-Free conversation

2-Brainstorm ideas for a story

3-Choose a genre : adventure, romance, detective, historic novel, sci-fi, political spoof, other.

4-Imagine a starting point for your story: Where? When? Who? What? How? Why?

5-Create as many characters as group members minus one.

6-Develop your story: What sort of end do you envisage? What should happen towards the middle? What should each of the characters do? You may change or adjust your plan later, but have a blueprint to start with.

7-Write 100-word dialogues for each of the 3 parts making sure a narrator covers the difficult bits (background information which woud be awkward in a conversation).

8-Distribute the roles of narrator and each of the characters, rehearse and change the text for greater effect wherever necessary.

9-Perform for your classmates and enjoy their shows too.


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