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The strike February 18, 2013

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Imagine the government resigns after many corruption scandals, and the European Commission imposes, as the new president, a technocrat who bans all the trade unions and cancels the legislation that protects workers´rights. Each group is going to prepare material for a debate on a course of action: general strike? other measures?The debate is due to be broadcast on television, on the only tv channel they haven´t censored yet.

Group one:
You are unionists in danger of becoming imprisoned. You defend unemployed workers, people in temporary jobs without paid holidays or unemployment benefit, impoverished civil servants on the verge of being made redundant and people whose pensions have become too small to live on. Prepare some ideas for the debate.Key words: unionise, labour, civil rights, class struggle, class consciousness.

Group two:

You are CEO´s, bankers, government representatives and , in general, people with money in tax havens (1% of the population). Defend the elite but try to persuade the viewers that you have their best interests at heart. Criticise high taxes. Identify privatisation with efficiency. If someone points at the scandals blame them on all politicians, as if lobbies weren´t involved, as if politicical opposition was a contradiction in terms and technocrats did not serve the elite.

Group three:
You are activists and members of small, banned, political parties. You write articles, organise demonstrations, sign petitions, pass information, etc. You are worried about the lack of democracy. People´s rights and environmental issues have disappeared from the government´s agenda. Recent media and internet mud-sliging campaigns have made unions,civil servants and all politicians unpopular paving the way for witch-hunting and lynching.

Group four:
You are journalists of an important tv programme with one million viewers. Tell them that your programme is fair because you are interviewing people with different opinions, but make sure you let group two speak longer. Interrupt the others when they try to say something important explaining that you have to let advertisers,the news broadcast or listeners come in.

Sit with a student from each of the other groups and start the tv debate. The journalist should direct the activity.


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