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Homework for Monday 15/10 (Advanced 2 Students) October 10, 2012

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Please finish workbook exercises in unit 1 . When you do your workbook composition choose a different city from Valencia. You may pick an exotic city, a city you have visited, a city yopu would like to visit or any other you have heard or read about. Just pretend it is your own .


7 Responses to “Homework for Monday 15/10 (Advanced 2 Students)”

  1. esterml12 Says:

    Hello classmates!
    Can someone tell me what´s the composition about? I don´t have workbook yet and I guess the instructions are there… Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

    • anagomezgarcia Says:

      Hi. You have to do all the exercises on the page inin order to write the composition. The on point to remember apart from the book instructions is pretending you are from another city, not from Valencia. I´ll show you the workbook page next week if no one volunteers.The teacher.

  2. Hi Ester¡. The composition is about replying an e-mail to a friend. You has invited your friend to visit you, he accepts and asks you about your city because he hasn’t never been to. He also asks about going to some local events. You have to write an e-mail (150-190 words) answering his questions and giving information about the city you choose. It’s compulsory to include three or four topics from these: nightlife, architecture, countryside, food, what’s on, atmosphere, language, shopping.

  3. Marisa Slvst Says:

    Hello Ana!! I just want to say that I’ve forgotten my folder in class this morning in the computer classroom.. I was sitting on 4th line and it was a brown folder with one document from the University and the book of Brooklyn Follies. I left it on the computer tower. Could you tell me if you have seen it? Thank you very much. See you on Wednesday!
    P.S. I’m Marisa Silvestre.

  4. Please use the class wiki email for this kind of personal exchange.Thank you.

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