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2B2 Conversation Lesson-The Merchant of Venice May 19, 2022

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2B2 Conversation Lesson-Fascism May 15, 2022

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STUDENT B (minutes 3.30-9.30)

STUDENT C (minutes 16-22)

STUDENT D (First six minutes)

STUDENT E (first six minutes)



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STUDENT A (minutes 0.12-6.12)

STUDENT B (minutes 4.05-10.059

STUDENT C (first six minutes)

STUDENT D (minutes 26-32)



B2 Oral Exam Practice May 10, 2022

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2022 Exams: monologues are from three to three and a half minutes long

2022 Exams: Your role is not as rigid as in the instructions. Express your own ideas. For example, if they say you have to persuade your partner to buy a flat in the city, just talk about it and try to reach an agreement without forcing the conversation.

Mediation (90-120 seconds)


1-Your niece is shy and she is in a party so you ought to choose items from the first two boxes. The first box is a list of ice-breakers. A shy person might feel less uncomfortable talking about fantastic fruits, candy treats or Chinese dishes. They are safe subjects that do not reveal any private information and can be a starting point to talk aboput other things. To continue the conversation, as the instructins say,the second box, or level 2, provides some useful ideas like a favourite app, favourite shows and preferring more time or money.

2-Drama students regularly listen to their own voices and watch their own facial expressions to check their performance so the most important tip for them is the language buddy because this is not something they practise for their roles. Another interesting point is copying the experts because a language student needs to imitate good models. The same can be said about talking to yourself in English. Other points can be added if there is a clear difference between practising for the theatre or for a foreign language.

3-In this question you have to explain how one can lose one’s fear with a kind of “shock” treatment in which you face exactly what you fear: going out. Ninetyminutes is not enough to incorporate lots of details. You only need an overview of the process applied to a person who is scared of leaving their house. The key thing is linking this problem to the comfort zone method.

4-Some people might argue that swimming with dolphins is disturbing their natural habitats and others may say thet having children is bad for the environment but nobody can say that learning a language or getting married is polluting so these two items are perfectly safe when you suggest bucket list favourites that can inspire your friend’s blog post. Your friend needs to know that bucket lists are popular and exciting and in the age of climate emergency there are compatible ideas that may attract the blog’s followers.

5-Here you have to choose the four tips under the heading “Taking Care of the Caregiver” and also stress the importance of “super hero” to cheer him up. The rest must not be mentioned.

6-The items “helping others” and “helping loved opnes” are the only relevant ones because you are addressing people in the context of an altruist community.

7-In the block “good for you” the sense of purpose and community building are important, but not the rest because your cousin is young, energetic and in great shape. In the second block the important items are career improvement and, in particular teamwork and time management.

8- Your nephew need to know that fairtrade products are good for the environment and wider social causes but you must not mention what he dose know already, namely child labour, workplace safety and poverty alleviation.

9-The important thing for someone in a wheelchair is point 3 of the part above and gene editing from the block below.

10- You must clearly exclude point 3.

11-This is a very short message. It is hard to fill 90 minutes with the main idea so you have to develop the idea that, contrary to popular belief, crime rates do not go up when people consume violent video games. The force of your argument is in the inverse correlation graph. It is not necessary to specify. Mentioning the two decades of this century and their corresponding trends is enough.

12-The advice should be to do at least 75 minutes… in either the weekend warrior or the regularly active exerciser pattern. You should mention the health risks associated with less exercise. You should not mention the 150-minute ideal because that is incompatible with his wishes.

13-The focus here is the linguistic aspect of the holiday. Your friend can learn Spanish talking to people on the beach or in a bar. He may be interested in Spanish language tours of the Prado museum. The other items can be mentioned if they are linked to learning Spanish.

14-In this question there is no selection. The main idea of exploring less well-known cities is important but the amount of cities you mention and the contrast with their respective capitals is not important. The percentages are unnecessary unless you have a good memory and you use them skilfully to make a point.

15-The important thing here is to avoid points 1, 2 and 3.

16-Your boyfriend/husband is not as interested in the environment as you so do not use this kind of argument. You have to mantion the pleasure seeking activities he likes like sailing and swimming. If you mention the green issues you should make it clear that that is whate would please you so if he loves you, he should respect that.

17-Select the ideas that focus on the workplace. Of the two legislative pieces, the second is important.

18-You have to refer to sit-coms and the news. In your description you can maintain the sense of humour of the infograhic or only refer to the content without making fun of it.

19-All the inventions affect a large amount of people except for the artificial heart, so sum up all the others.

20- Do not mention meditation, helping others, exercise or gratitude. Refer to all the others.

21-Choose youtube, google, twitter and whatsapp. It’s not important that the infograph refers to 2020. You may explain that the others have seen a reduction of users. It is not necessary to give numbers but do sit if you feel comfortable handling figures.

22- More than haklf the respondents value quality, speed, price and trustworthiness so tell your friend to work on those.


2B2 Conversation Lesson: Unemployment May 4, 2022

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STUDENT B (minutes 5-10.30)


STUDENT D (Minutes 4.20-9.50)

STUDENT E (Minutes 14.20-20)



2B2 Conversation Lesson-Monarchy or Republic? May 1, 2022

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STUDENT A (minutes 16-22)

STUDENT B (minutes 1.30-7)

STUDENT C (minutes 2.30-8)

STUDENT D (minutes 17.17-22.47)


2B2 Conversation Lesson-Taboos and Swear Words April 27, 2022

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ass(Am.Eng) =arse(Br.Eng)=


ass sounds the same as as (in its strong pronunciation)

butt sounds the same as but (in its strong pronunciation)

“ass” berg is an invention that sounds like iceberg”



Idioms that are not explained/complete

Don’t rub it in (rub it in the wound,insist on something painful)

Lend a hand(help)

I have butterflies in my stomach

Don t bite the hand that feeds you (be unkind to those who help you)

Leave a bad taste in my mouth (become an unpleasant memory)


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2B2 Conversation Lesson- Homelessness April 25, 2022

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STUDENT A-minutes 18-23.50

STUDENT B-Minutes 20.40-25.50

STUDENT C-First 6.10 minutes

STUDENT D-Start at minute 6.10


2B2 Conversation Lesson-The Metaverse April 11, 2022

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STUDENT A (first five and a half minutes)

STUDENT B (First 5.42 minutes)

STUDENT C (First 5.30 minutes)

STUDENT D (minutes 12-15.34 and 20.44-23)