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What happened on September 11? October 27, 2016

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Conversation lesson 27/10/16 October 26, 2016

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1-Make notes of the traits for your ideal house

location:in the city centre/suburbs, in a town (not village)/my home town, by the sea, in the mountains)

transport:cycle paths, underground/metro,tram,parking space

building (detached,semi, terraced, flat/appartment,bungalow)

parts of the house( kitchen,bathroom,toilet,lounge,garden)

special features (solar panel, water filter, air con, central heating)

rules (regular payments,maintenance costs, council tax)

Now guess as much as possible about the ideal house of your group members. Ask only  yes/no questions.

2-Work in pairs

STUDENT A: You would like to rent a house and you have seen something you like at the estate agent’s. Tell him/her what you are looking for. You are in a hurry to move in because your work contract starts next week.You have always been a good tenant, paying all your bills and eaving the place in good condition.

STUDENT B:You work for an estate agent that is about to close down. You need to sell, not rent, a house. Persuade your customer to take a mortgage so that he/she can finally become a home owner.

Now swap roles.

3-A  BBC journalist preparing a documentary about housing in Spain is interviewing the victim of an eviction who has tried to take his/her own life. They also interview the politician in government and the politician-activist. Everybody tries to participate and justify their opinions.

Spend a few minutes planning your words. Use Wordreference for more difficult words

A has been evicted after losing their job. (S)he was sharing the house with a beggar refugee and former squatter because (s)he is generous and has a sense of justice.

B is the politician in government and the bank director´s friend

C is the BBC journalist in charge of the interviews

D is a politician and activist in an anti eviction campaign

Useful language:

Ask for a loan, take a mortgage, government subsidy/help, social housing, council estates, refugee status, march/demonstration,gullible, naive, skeptical,hopeful, law/lo:/,regulation.

4-Home, homeless and homeland


Progress Report

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Reporting progress in the following situations:

teaching at a school/company

learning at a course

helping to integrate immigrants at a subsidised NGO or institution for an official body

monitoring health improvement of a patient for hospital/family

rehabilitating as a a prisoner

instructing new workers/students to assist them with the tasks at hand


CETA DERAILED October 25, 2016

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Novel Nobel? October 24, 2016

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Answers October 20, 2016

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Conversation A

1-How’s it going? 2-aren’t they? 3-That’s true 4- What about you?5-Oh, really 6-6-Sure!

Conversation B

1-How do you do? 2-Nice to meet you 3-So what do you do ? 4-Interesting 5-We’ve already met 6-Nice meeting you




Reading statistics October 19, 2016

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 Lies and statistics: