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TASK 1.Choose one of the following options and write 180-200 words.

Option A: Is tech rewiring our brains?

Examine the ways new technologies are affecting our minds. Consider

-memory and attention        -big data and social media

-multitasking and sleep        -new problems  and new skills

Option B: Valencia as a megacity.

A larger motorway in the north, the port expansion in the south and skyscrapers in Central Park, Benimaclet or La Marina will soon turn Valencia into a megacity for rich tourists. Do you like the idea? Consider

-Expensive flats and gentrification             -climate change

-pollution and health                                 -reduced farmland

Option C. A listicle for a happy life.

What are your golden rules for a good life? Write a listicle with your 3-6 best tips.

TASK 2 (120 words)

Write a review of a book or film that has particulary helped you to learn English. Do you think it may help other students too? In what ways?



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CHOOSE ONE of the following options, A or B, and write about 200 words:

A)Write an opinion essay answering the following questions:

Do the mainstream media inform us about what is important? Consider the following:

-Do they interview both sides in international conflicts?

-Do they balance the contents of the different parts of the country and society?

-Do they give climate change the attention it deserves?

-What do they fail to mention?

B)Write a report about the differences between men and women in a real or imaginary place.

-Write a short history of the situation

-Describe the positive aspects

-Analyse the negative points

-Draw conclusions and speculate about the future


Write about a film or a book everyone should watch/read  (about 130 words)

Mention genre, characters, story, structure and artistic features.



2B2 Unit 10 Interviews and DVD:Art and The People’s Palace May 4, 2019

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1- Speed is the man’s favourite film because

a)he loves the genre  b)of the actors in it  c)he shared it with his dad

2-Speed is

a)very violent and gory   b)neither violent nor gory  c)somewhat violent and gory

3-The film has

a)a good baddy and a bad goody b)a hero with no thumb  c)a bomb on a bus

4-Throughout the film you don’t know

a)if the bomb will explode  b)if the driver will accelerate  c)what will happen next

5-The wonman is not enthusiastic because Speed has no

a)good stunts  b)romance  c)humour


Number these phrases in the order you hear them:

Christ Church College

The Blue Note Jazz Club

The “Schools”

The Café Reggio

New College

Greenwich Village in general

The Bridge of Sighs

Washington Square Park

The Bodleian Library

The Oxford Colleges




Hemispheres May 1, 2019

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How do the British media report the Spanish elections?

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How do the British media report the Spanish elections?


How do Big Data corporations interfere in election results? April 25, 2019

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Games Big Data corporations play


The chances are… April 15, 2019

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A:Do you think climate change might(1) destroy our civilization?
B:Yes, I think it may. It probably will. It’s likely(2).
A:But don’t you think scientific discoveries, I mean, the natural evolution of science and the progression of knowledge is due to(3) produce a solution?
B:Not necessarily. If we had infinite time and infinite resources,  we would be bound to(4) find a solution, but that is precisely the question.
A:So you think it will happen at some point?
B:I think it’s going to(5) happen soon. Look at the rise in our country’s temperatures, the dry rivers and the scarce rainfall. In fact, it is about to(6) happen. Look at the news broadcast. Isn’t that New York turning  into a rubble soup?
Throw the dice. Answer one of the questions in exercise 7A using the words in bold to indicate a slight chance(1), a probable outcome(2), an expected/scheduled event(3), a certainty(4), something happening soon(5) and something happening immediately(6).